What’s the biggest, beefiest, best battery I can squeeze into my T3 please ?

Get yourself an agm battery,
They are a lot smaller and kick out more cranking power.
If Escort mkII’s were still about they were a common replacement.
Google Tanya UK

12v 30Ah as original (lead acid) - also now available in AGM/Gel version.

But it’s not necessarily that simple - AGM/Gel types need more oomph to achieve full charge - typically 14.2v minimum. If you are running the original charging system it will have to be in perfect condition to even achieve that as a maximum, although if you plug the bike into a smart charger when not in use that won’t matter much. AGMs are very good at delivering higher cranking power, particularly when cold. Good batteries, but if you use one of these with a slightly worn and old-fashioned charging system it’s life can be noticeably reduced, which isn’t good value.

The bike’s standard system can fully charge an original-type lead-acid battery in normal use, even if the bike’s a bit worn and corroded, but it delivers slightly less outright cranking power, particularly when cold. Usually cheaper anyway. I’ve gone back to these for my airhead BMW after trying all sorts of special things - and will for my Convert when I’ve finished it (same Bosch charging system) - all in all these just seem to suit these bikes better. Nicely fault tolerant as the bike and battery were actually designed for each other (I’ve decided there’s a kind of logic there!)

Don’t touch lithium unless you have an all-new sophisticated charging system to suit - they can catch fire (like a Samsung phone or an Airbus!). For fashion only.

Tayna website is very good for options, but check the physical size and arrangement of terminals with anything non-standard.

HTH (Ian replied while i was typing…)

I’ll throw this out one more time…

Is a ‘wet’ type, and also maintenance free i.e. no topping up with distlled water.

Is about 1 inch shorter than battery tray so you will need a pair of working battery tie-down straps else will literally rattle about.


IanB, that is interesting.
I used a Gel type battery on my MkIII lemon with its original Bosche system with no problems.
With the lead/acid wet battery I was putting it on charge overnight every 2 weeks or so, but I was commuting 2 miles to work and back.
And Yes I know I should have walked it and would now.

Looked at these lawnmower batterys, they have good Amps 30 or more, there approx size of original, fitted one to a big block bike I sold a while back, all seemed to work really well, just wonder why they are so much cheaper than dedicated Motorcycle batteries?
Cost was just over £35.

Russell, I’ve got an Odyssey in my T3, huge battery and huge price (previous owner obviously), My Lemon has a Motobatt, cheaper and great cranking power. Quite impressed I left the Lemon for over a year and it still turned it over, Both will be available for your inspection at the Scottish Rally if you can wait that long, if not I’ll go doon the garage and read the numbers

“Motorcycle” sounds more glamorous?

WOW … This has got to be best tip of the year !!!

See if you come to a grinding halt in Plockton next month you can get off and walk, ya leaky crabbit tight wad bassa. :unamused: