Some may remember i bought a ride on mower/ small tractor battery for £35 - 32 Amp Hr just fits into the Tonti frame, been using the bike a fair bit lately, leaving outside at campsites etc, its never failed yet to turn the bike over and start with any problems, so at the moment it seems a good buy.
Big saving on dedicated Motorcycle batteries

Which one was it? I need one for my Ambassador.

If you have a battery specialist or mower shop nearby, they should be able to sort you out with something suitable.
The ref i used in the past is 12N24-3 I think this refers to a 24 amp hour. I used one of these for about 4 years untill it died.
Golf trolley batterys are also good, or search … Leisure batteries.

The link I got is for this one:

Pretty sure the one I bought (in 2013) was 32 A/h but seems it’s 24 now. 'Least that’s what the link goes to.


Chilly, you must be localish to Market Harborough. These guys are great, huge range of batteries available. I’m using one of their AGM type at present.

Went here today on my old BSA M21, twas the BSA owners open day at the Rugby Club, large selection of bikes there of all sorts, nice event.

Thanks for the tip :wink:

If ever you find yourself in Harborough, feel free to drop in for a cuppa and a natter. I’ve just got myself a nice new place near the railway station and a new kettle.

Ok mate thanks for that.
Good luck in the new roost

Sorry for the delay mate, buggered if i can find where i got the battery from but it replaces BMW 53030, hope thats of some use.

Is a 24 A/H battery sufficient? I can’t find a 32A/H - well, not in a mower/ cheap range anyway.

That’s right, neither can I

Try this, maybe ?
£46 with postage

12N24-4 / 12N24-4A Numax Lawnmower Battery 12V 32Ah (896 CXT) (Y60N24.A) (U19)

Its from the Tanya Battery web site

Yes, but these are so cheap. This is what I use and where I buy them.

I used a 24 amp/hour mower battery for about 4 years and it worked fine.

But not as cheap as £46 posted, time will tell i suppose as to the quality, the Motobatt are a proven item which i’ve used in the past.

For better or for worse, I have just ordered the MotoBatt one as it has a better spec and it is the cheapest price I have seen for it.

You won’t go far wrong there, they have a good reputation, thats also a good price for a 30amp, spose postage is on top ?.


Not worth starting the car up to go to a shop at that price.