bead blasting disk rotors

The cast disks off the Florida need a good clean and the inner section repainting. Assuming I avoid damaging the mounting surfaces, is it ok to blast clean them?

If you’re using actual bead blasting there should be no problem at all.

Just don’t confuse grit blasting with bead blasting!!

Get them to Ex Smoking Biker he has a Vapour Blaster, it is utterly brilliant

Can use any method that will not remove material bead blasting should be fine if a fine bead is used if you are stuck i can do them for you in my Aquablaster uses water and 150/200 micron glass beads done quite a few

The result IS amazing HOWEVER the disc rotor WILL always rust even after minutes cos it’s cast not stainless. BUT they work!

When I last did the any brake bits I gave them a good clean up and sprayed them with Plastikote aerosol (after some careful masking of the parts).
Lasted well.
All the best

Cheers Steve, I have good results with plastikote too.

I’m quite certain that ESB’s services are excellent but the distance involved has an impact given I have the same services available 500 yards down the road.

I do like to shop local too
Best price I’ve seen Plastikote is B&Q. Not exactly a local firm but they do employ older folk from the local community.
Best of luck

Not a problem did not know you had the service local