beetle remap

Anyone know how I could get one of these loaded into my 2016 Stelvio ?

All your answers are here:

Or laptop/pc and a bit of software. Previous post is right place to look on how to do it.

Thinking of doing the same for my 2016 Stelvio but no experience with GuzziDiag etc.
If you beat me to it please let me know how it works out.

I have used Guzzidiag since I got my bike, generally only need a couple of bits of info off it to do most jobs.

The reader and writer, from what I can gather is a safe program in as much if the program bombs then it won’t turn the ECU into a brick. (No guarantee implied)

Use the reader to backup existing map, so you can reload it if you want to. The writer does just that, so you can upload the beetle map to the ECU.

From the many tutorials on Tunerpro, you can tweak at your peril, however tickover and speedo are 2 that are pretty safe. Then upload your tweaked map with writer.