Belgium her we come

I am taking a few days tour of Belgium with my Nephew, I shall be on the faithful Breva, and he will for a change be mounted on his own bike a V7 Special
just booked my ferry tickets and got 20 off his with DFDS
going early on the 21st coming back late on the 26th
we are getting the 4 am ferry to give us a full first day
going to visit the smallest town in Belgium again ( he has never seen it) Messines, it has a super little museum, also going to visit the local church with thanks to the brits knocking a few bits off was found to be about a thousand years older than first though
some Austrian geezer did a rather nice water colour of it
we will also visit the peace tower
then off to Poperinge to the Toc H club and end up at Leper and stop locally for the night
navigating with good old fashioned maps and route cards, rather than high tech stuff
we also plan to visit the Atomium and Bastonge again plus a few other places
looking forward to riding through the forests again
going to take the stove, as last time we found places to get a brew few and far between
any tips for budget accommodation in Belgium, no camping this time as its going to be a bit chilly and we want to save packing the bikes up too much

Enjoy yourselves.

I will probably write a few words for the club magazine
also found a few more places to add to the list !!!