Bellagio 2012 Auxiliary Power Location?

Rubbish title I know AND I’m rubbish technically but please read below and (hopefully) I can explain myself…

Last year I ran a USB port from my handlebar directly down to the battery. It’s great for running my phone on google maps BUT was always live so constantly taking charge. It’s snapped a wire so I have to replace it and my mate said ‘why don’t you wire a new one into the ignition so it only draws current when you’re running?’ Yep, good idea! I’ve got a wiring loom diagram but I’m hopeless though there seems to be one called ‘GPS COUPLING’ and I wondered if this was a spare or auxiliary power feed I could use or if there are any clever folk out there would know if there’s any other point on the wiring I could use to connect a new USB point to power?

Thanks in advance, Funsize.