Bellagio computer/trip button on LHS cluster.

The above item appears to have failed.
Does anyone know if it is available separately or is a complete new lhs cluster required?
I don’t have a parts list and the fowlers lists didn’t help.

Hi Ian
its probably just corrosion on the contacts try squirting the inside of the switch gear with wd 40 or an electrical contact cleaner and operate all the buttons a few times ,not a guaranteed fix but worth trying, depending on how much corrosion is on the contacts it could save you a lot of money
Regards keith

Hi Keith, I’ve already tried that, it is a separate sealed unit.
At least that means it shouldn’t be too expensive a job but as it is a minor problem and not an MoT failure can wait.
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I have a couple of more books I am reading at present and will bring up sometime.

In the end it turned out to be the battery on its way out.
This was high lighted over the weekend when the warm weather cleared the problem.
Got a new battery coming from Gutsibits.