Bellagio Dashboard Error fault code help?

Evening All
Had a day out on my 'Bella today, appears to be running fine and consuming fuel normally. However this morning it flashed up ‘service’ on the dash. I cleared it (I have the code to get into the diagnostics), but it came back.
When I checked, there were no ecu errors, but there was a stored ‘dashboard error’ which was DSB 07. I’m getting it checked at a dealer soon but can anyone enlighten me as to what it could be?
Riding to Belgium in July it the service light came on, though I never checked what it was. It was raining lightly with wet roads, that was the same as this morning and I’ve only ridden in the rain these two times. I’ve read somewhere that there is a (speed?) sensor that runs under the swinging arm, hooking in somewhere near the rear caliper and some early models brought a code up if moisture got in- mine’s a 2012 Aquila Nera so hardly early!

Any thoughts most welcome, gotta be right for my Distinguished Gentlemans Ride in Sheffield on Sunday!! Many thanks, Funsize.

thats looks as though its an oil sensor - if its the oil pressure switch then a BMW series one is the same - the replacement MG ones have a different connector and more expensive.

and everybody wonders why the factory is in trouble , buy genuine spares you cheapskates

I doubt that Moto Guzzi make the sensors, they will buy generic, so little or no profit going to them.

I assume that this is the nail head type oil sensor?

If it is, tighten the connector first and see if that gets it - it probably will for a while

If it doesn’t find a Delphi Series 56 plug replace it with … the one MG should have fitted it with in the first place

I did that and mine hasn’t played up since

Just realised the first post was September last year :laughing: