Bellagio Speedo!

Having thoroughly washed and cleaned my Bellagio I now have a non working speedo with the’Service’ warning and red triangle showing on the clock. I always try to avoid wetting the the clock assembly but could it be a waterlogged sensor somewhere? Any ideas please. Thanks

Could be the speedo sensor on the rear drive box they were known for letting in water later sensors were better sealed I would look at that first
Regards keith

Rediculous, what happens if it rains? :astonished:

It doesn’t rain in Italy :unamused:

You obviously weren’t in Mandello for the 95th then!?

Nor the 90th!

…and so ends the weather forecast :unamused:

The bike wont start the next day, you get dragged home in a van and spend the next 6 months trying to understand what happened until you finally work out that a wet speedo sensor can kill a Breva 1100

At least that’s what happened to me! :imp: :imp: