Bellagio tyres

I’ve just noticed that my back Metzler Z6 has absolutely no tread left. Unless you count the metal showing through, that is :astonished:  I’m not sure how available Metzlers are in Moscow, so does anyone have any recommendations for other tyres for a Bellagio?

I had that happen with the Metzelers on my 1200 sport.

I went to Avons after and would recommend them but dont spose you can get them in MoscowÂ

Avon think I can get them, but…I can’t. Have to be Michelins, but I’ll bear in mind your advice about the Avons.

I bought my Bellagio with new Michelin Pilot Road 2 tyres. They seemed quite OK with no white line sensitivity. I don,t ride hard enough to be a good assessor of handling or grip but again seemed fine and I have heard others say wet grip is good. I can comment favourably on wear as , when I did a precautionary change after 10,000 miles before going to Germany this year, there was still 2mm tread left on the rear.Â

I just replaced the standard Metzelers front and back with Michelin Pilot Road 3s and after the first 200miles I can say they are brilliant and give a much more precise feel, as well as superb wet weather grip.

agree whith above the pilot 3 is good wet and dry, whith good milage. and I do ride hard,

Another vote for Michelin Pilot Roads from me!