Bellagio Tyres

The time has come for me to put on a new set of tyres for my Bellagio. Currently, after 8000 plus miles it has the originals, Metzeler Roadtecs which have been fine. I am considering Pirelli Angel GTs or Michelin Pilot 3s for a change. Would be interested to hear if anyone has experience of these or other brands on The Bellagio. Thanks.

When the original fitment metzelers became unavailable for the bellagio my dealer recommended Dunlop roadsmarts which I found to be very good wet or dry and very confidence inspiring. Triple compound construction were supposed to give greater mileage but I found that I got no more than 4500 before the rear needed replacing. Lovely feel though and I did prefer them. Think the original metzelers were z6 and were followed by the z8. Don’t have the bellagio any more but hope this helps.