bent yoke centre

As removed from a spare frame i am going to be using to replace the stolen spada
this is not possible to do in a acciedent do has been done deliberate i found that the steering lock is still in the locked position so someone has hammered (Drastically) to flatten it to miss the steering lock and therefore bent it

But i have found out thecentre tube is not part of the lower Yoke and can be removed by tapping it downwards Bonus being this should help others as well

mine was cut off to allow the bearing to be removed
forgot to mention this steering coloub is actuall over 3mm thick on the wall surface I have not realistically got a clue how someone has done it i bet if you put it flat on the floor and hit it with a sledge hammer once it would not flatten like this

Ex smokingbiker2013-07-25 16:35:22

ouch that is some appauling hand work from the previous owner!nice find on getting the shaft out of the lower yoke. That gives me some hope for sorting mine!!have you a shot of the removed shaft’s bottom lip?!

third picture down
its only a little one
bearings are on a 25mm shaft
and the bit on the lower yoke is 28mm
and the small step on the bottom is about 30mm and about 2.5mm tall
look for the little black ring on it

i had to cut the bent bit off mine to get it out Ex smokingbiker2013-07-25 14:31:04

I wonder about some people !!
I suppose its that matcho thing of whacking it harder to make it work
had a neighbour whose had the same mechanical sympathy and over confidence in his skill
his R1 was not running properly so he kept revving it to the limiter
end of R1 engine, oil everywhere from hole in siderapheal glynn2013-07-25 16:24:25

i thought they were a press fit, needing the lower yoke heating up, the tube cooling down and a 50 tonne press

got heat and upto 200ton in factory here when i get mine sorted

wont need the heat and press mine was just a interferance fit and came out with a tap , if you do press it and it apears tight leave the pressure on and tap the shaft the little bit of shock often makes it move

regards ray

if struggling bring it to me and i will swop them over

Bit of useless info.if a steering lock is fitted it must work for mot

that the first time i have heard that in 45 years of biking

Never been asked to demo mine, that said I never carry the key for it either

That looks like someone has tried forcing the steering lock, plenty of leverage on a pair of handlebars to do that sort of damage to the stem.

They would need to be quite strong as it looks to be 3 or 4 mm wall tube

I must have taken dozens of bikes for several hundred MoT’s in my time and this is a new one on me as well. I have a key somewhere for the Convert steering lock, but never been asked to produce it at any of the 25 MoT’s during my ownership.

Steering lock… what knob made that decision to be a factor to make a bike roadworthy?


Steering lock is not a testable item on motorcycles, your thinking of cars!