Best oil for my Cali 1100

Hi all.
Can anyone recommend an oil for my 2000 plate California 1100. Had the bike nearly a year and
I have changed the oil once using Castrol Classic, which is a mineral type. Is there a better oil for the bike or is the Castrol ok?
With thanks

My 2010 Cali 1100 is running with Motul 10w/60 Synthetic Racing Oil as acquired from Opie Oils.

Thank you. :+1::+1: Will look out for that one.

I used Motul Ester Semi Synthetic (15w-50 or 20w-50) from new. My 2001 Cali now has 73k and runs like new.

Hi Steph.
Thanks for the advice. Will give that a try.

What oils do you use for the gearbox and the drive?


I use Motul 85-140 in both.

I used a heavier gearbox oil after a clutch slippage issue at 18k. I now make sure that all my oil levels are actually slightly below the max levels.

Edit: I rinsed the clutch with white spirit at 18k and the original still good at 73k

Hi Steph.
Thanks again for the advice.
Only passed my test last May, so the Cali is my first.
Could you bullet point how you white spirit the clutch please.
I.E the process and amounts of fluid etc.
That sounds like a good piece of maintenance, a bit like engine flushing.

I would only rinse the clutch if I suspect there is oil on it.

The steps that I do:
-warm up the engine on a long ride
-plug the tiny drain hole at the bottom of the case below the clutch. I trim a lolly stick as a plug
-place a large pan underneath the bike to catch the white spirit.
-remove the the rubber plug on the right hand side of the gearbox case
-fill it with white spirit (500-600ml ???)
-put the rubber plug back on
-start the engine and run it like a washing machine for a few minutes. Pull the clutch cable a few times too.

I read about this trick a long time ago and have done it 5 times, no problem, on my big block Guzzis.

Do it at your own risk as the lawyers say.

I have use ENEOS fully synthetic 10-40 ultra racing oil - it is from Japan - my California is an EV hydraulic valves.

Thanks for the advice

The Manual states 5W40 for the hydraulic tappet engine. I’m not sure it would make much difference in practise. I have two hydraulic Cali’s and use 5W40.

I understood that the W was the temperature say -10 or -5. In contrast, oils with a higher SAE after the W generate thicker films of lubricant and better protect the mechanical parts when the vehicle is already hot.

Yes, that is my understanding too. The point I was making is that there can’t be a huge difference in the cold flow rate between 5 and 10. Would a 1second difference in the time the oil takes to reach and expand the hydraulic slugs cause early failure? The factory must think so, otherwise they would not specify 5W40.

The OP asked recommendation for his 2000 California not for the Hydraulic tappets models

Sorry, I was replying to RichardEV10.

Purchased 5w/40 fully synthetic now just as the manual states.