Best starter motor.

OK. So which is the best starter motor for my 1989 Cali III FF?

I completely rewired the bike when I rebuilt it. I by-passed the side stand switch and did the direct wiring mod to the solenoid and it still turns over very slowly and can refuse to start in remotely cold weather. Up till now I’ve used the original Bosch starter, a cheap one from Stein-Dinse which I had to buy in an emergency when mine failed in Germany and currently a rebuilt Bosch unit from Guzzibits.

They have all been pretty much the same. No real improvement with any of them.

Is the Valeo unit any better or is there a better alternative out there?

The Valeo units I’ve ever come across have all packed in when the glue holding the magnets in place has failed, causing the starter to seize up. I wouldn’t touch them.

Never had a problem using Bosch - and easier to rebuild too. All my slow starting issues have been down to wiring or tired battery

bosch are the best and i fully recondition them

It’s on it’s second battery too. Doesn’t make a blind bit of difference.

Have you tried replacing starter cable/leads? (I mean both live/positive and neg/earth cable) and if you’ve powder coated the frame, check you’ve got a good earth ground contact?

Had that happen to me.
My next door neighbour brought a Spanish starter which he has beeb told is good.
I will wait and see.
Certainly copied parts for these old bikes seem to be coming up.

All the wiring, including the heavy cables, were renewed during the rebuild. It has done 10,000 miles since then and had never spun over rapidly when really cold.

My T3 had a Bosch starter when I bought it and that was a slow turner as well. The resistance of the starter motor wiring will increase with age and the repeated heatring/cooling from use and so the current flowing through the starter coils will be reduced, thus making the motor less efficient.
I replaced mine with a Valeo unit and the bike now starts immediately.
I’ve had 4 Guzzis with Valeo starters over the last 12 years and never had a problem.



Do you pull the clutch in when starting?

No. I never tried that. I’ll see if it makes a difference.

It will be make a difference (particularly when cold) as the shafts in the gearbox will not have to be rotated. I always do it with my cars as well. The voltage across the battery can be measured when cranking. Here is a link for testing the starter circuit. If you put a volt meter on a charged battery it will read about 12.5v. When cranking this should never drop below 9.5v. If it does and you know the battery is good. You can test for voltage drop across cables and connections to see where the volts are being lost. Tell me how you get on.

Hi, only just started using the web site, I have Cali 3FF, had it since 93, mine has had the same problem ever since i’v had it, done the recommended wire alteration at relay to battery years ago, no change there then, burnt starter solenoid out once, had starter overhaul and new solenoid, still no difference, I even tried 32amp hour battery, so I have decided the motor aint ran in yet, maybe if it gets to 100,000 mile it may loosen up and turn over faster??? sorry about this it don’t help you much, at least you are not on your own with this problem Tom.

Guy loves Valeos…but if it wont fire…which is usually for some other reason…we would never keep cranking…tis then the unit mite overheat and then the magnets can fall off.
We have about five with valeos or the copies on and they have all been fine…in fact…I am about to obtain one for my loop…cos its 40 year old Marelli is knacked !

Put an earth lead direct from the lower starter retaining bolt (easier to use) to the main earth or even Battery negative and see if that works.

+1 for Valeo.
Not had a problem with mine or colleagues.
As Kate says probably best to avoid spinning over an engine which is reluctant to start.
Good luck

Returning to this…the ancient starter on Guys loop failed this week and he purchased another Valeo copy from Potteries Diesel…rompin…

send me the bosh and i will test it fully inc its kw output and advise

I acquired a second starter motor for my T3 - and promptly dropped it on the garage floor… Burghfield Starter Motors, just south of Reading, did a great repair and recondition. I recommend them.