Best Tyres for Le Mans V

Hi All
Just become the proud owner of a 1000S lookalike Le Mans V. It desperately needs some new rubber so thought I would ask the experts…
What would you recommend.

Tyres are very subjective but my personal preference for Tonti framed bikes is the Pirelli Sport Demon- won’t find anything grippier that is road legal. Don’t last as long as other less sticky tyres but you still get a decent life.

Hi Guy
Thanks for that … as I’m a complete newcomer to the Guzzi world I’m very grateful for any input.

Hi Mark,
Bridgestone Battle axe’s work well on the 1000s,


Another vote for the Bridgestone Battleaxes…a good combination of grip (in wet & dry) and mileage

Hi All
OK thanks for that looks like Battleaxes then… unless…


I assume its the BT 45’s?
Thanks again

+1 for Prelli Sport Demon ~ only 'cause I’ve used them but BT45’s have a good rep too

Pirelli Sport Demons every time! used BT45’s on my MK111 for many years.
They are better than I am.
Ind if Kate Wain recommends them I ain’t gonna argue.
One of the best riders out there.

Please try Dunlop streetsmarts you will not regret it