Best way to replace a Clutch Cable on a V7 Classic


I was recently lubing the clutch cable as it was taking a fair bit of force to pull the lever in - I noticed that some of the cable strands were broken and frayed near the top end, so decided to order a new one.

Got it now, and I’m wondering what’s the easiest way to get it routed through to fit it.

On my old Hornet I just taped/tied the bottom end of new cable to the top end of the old cable and pulled it through from the bottom end down by the clutch actuator arm. Is that the best way on the V7?

Any other recommendations gratefully received!


Well, I got it fitted, but not in the way I suggested.

I took the tank off to look at the route and realised it best to take the old cable out first before threading the new one through. Job was quite straightforward, however…

Now I have two problems rather than one…!

Firstly,after fitting everything back, when on hard right hand lock the revs go up significantly - it seems that the throttle cables are pulling.

Secondly, what I believe to be a breather pipe underneath the tank turned out to be perished and crumbling, so I’ll have to get a new one.

On the bright side, the new clutch cable is so much smoother and lighter on the hand/wrist then the old one.

Oh well, one step forward, two steps back!


Oh dear…!

From looking at Fowler’s Parts, it seems that the pipe under the tank is part of a “vapour recovery system” - whatever that means…!

Is it safe to ride without it connected??


Vapour recovery relates to the fuel vapours. Best to replace it.
Good idea on the clutch BTW. I’ve seen some Guzzis where the routing wasn’t very good at first sight but…

I was going to say exactly the opposite. It’s just emissions stuff and so not worth worrying about.

That’s interesting… Looking again at the Fowler’s website, a different pipe, looking like a breather pipe, is listed under “Fule Tank” at about a third of the price!

Is there a breather pipe AND a vapour recovery system? Or, do some V7 models have vapour recovery, and others not? Other than stripping the sides and more of the engine apart how can I tell which is which??

One last question:

Is there something more comprehensive than the owners and service manuals for the V7? I noet that haynes don’t do one, but I would like something with as much detail as that.


Is this of any use?
It may be only as good as the information you have but…

Thanks, but no it doesn’t. I already have this and it doesn’t mention or cover the vapour recovery system.