Bevel drive 1982 Spada

Hi people, it’s my first time posting on the forum, never really used them before, so here we go. I own a rattly old Spada from 1982, which I love to bits, and the rear bevel drive needs looking at. It had a leaky inner seal (the big one next to the wheel), which has been removed and between a friend and I (he knows far more about these things) we’ve come to the conclusion one of the bearings within the drive box is on it’s way out, there are some tight spots, quite a bit of backlash, but whether there is too much or not, I don’t know. I would like to have the box assessed by a specialist and if need be, refurbished. Can anyone assist with this knowledge. I live in Whitstable, Kent by the way and am perfectly happy to give out my phone number. Thanks in anticipation, Richard

I’m afraid I’ve never had a bevel box apart, so can’t advise much.
If you’re prepared to post it, give Nigel at NBS a call to see if he can do it for you. He’s near Stafford.
Maybe someone else can recommend somebody nearer to you.

Thanks for you help, I might give him a call Monday. Cheers, Dickie

I second that
Nigel knows them inside out, much easier to post it to him for repair
I once gave him a pile of bits
a complete new and shiny motorbike came back
I still have it

Thanks again, looks like that’s what I’ll be doing, it’s good to talk, Dickie

Welcome to the forum.
Looks like a succesful debut :bulb:
Here are Nigel’s contact details.
While it’s apart may be worth checking the UJ if it hasn’t already been done.
Good luck

Hi and welcome from another Spada owner.
I’ve never been inside the bevel box, I do know you can replace the main outer seal fairly easily, but getting inside it, I wouldn’t like to say,
Another possible repair is Badricks Workshop in South London

Thanks for all your help folks, it’s been really useful, Baldrick is definitely another option, he’s worked on my bike before when at Corsa. I’ve sent Nigel at NBS an email, so I’ll see what he comes back with. Thanks again. Dickie

If all else fails Guy could take a look…we in Stoke…

That’s very kind of you to offer, guykate, I’ll see how it goes, it’s good so many people are willing to offer advice/help, thanks

Nigel at NBS rebuilt mt Breva 750 bevel box for £135.00.
An absolute bargain and thoroughly recommended.

Thanks Ian, reassuring, Dickie

  • 1 for Nigel.

I live in Essex but always post to him. The only time I’m ever going to see inside a bevel box will because something very unfortunate has happened to it.

at Nigel’s prices and quality it is not worth thinking of doing it yourself.