Big block Le Mans 1/2 oil pump upgrade

I’m restoring my le mans 2 and my oil pump was knackered upon inspection so ive sourced a later style pump with the 16mm gears and there for higher flow rate but i have had a bit of a nightmare sorting the correct drive sprocket out, i was informed i needed the new type sprocket part number 30147700 to go with the new type 16mm pump, this was partly correct but the sprocket i received with the new 16mm pump had the old part number on it for the 14mm style pump, so after 2 hours in the shed I’ve worked this problem out and its now finally sorted,
 it turns out that the sprocket I received with the new 16mm pump with the old numbers on is correct but it has a large number 30 stamped in it and this is how you tell the 14mm & 16mm pump sprockets apart. The only reason I can think of as to why this has been done is to use up old stock and when they finally did they introduced the new part number 30147700.

 The only thing I will say is if you ever buy a second hand oil pump sprocket is to check If you have the right one for your pump before fitting, REMEMBER if it has a large 30 stamped in it, its for the later 16mm pump!!. And using the wrong sprocket will do your oil pump and engine no favours as they have different off sets!!
. I hope this info will help others as its taken me ages to work this lot out! LOL.gates01264