Big block sump baffle plate

Hi, has anyone had any experience of using a baffle plate in your big block sump? Also can you use it or is it worth using it with a sump extension? Â Just wanted people’s views on the matter before buying one, ie, is it worth doing?. Cheers Chris.

Not a lot of replies on this one. I would imagine it’s because this plate claims to solve a problem that doesn’t in reality exist in everyday riding conditions on a big block guzzi. I’d call it an accessory too far, especially at almost a hundred quid! I’ve rode over almost every mountain pass in the Alps on my Guzzi, roads far steeper than you’d ever find in the UK, and never suffered from oil starvation… Mind you, if you’re into pulling extended wheelies maybe it’s a must-have…

So far as I know only the V11 Sport has ever been reported as needing one under massive acceleration in the USA.
Massive acceleration is an iteresting cocept when talking Guzzi

by heck I agree with Bikeralw, must see the man in the white coat.

no need whatsoever for this plate

The sump extension is far more useful I think.

I have fitted one. £1300 for a new crank, £200 for a con rod. Then gaskets and labour, including engine removal and clutch alignment makes for an expensive rebuild.
Doing track days, my bike is seeing balls out acceleration and fall on braking with high over-run revs coming back down the box leaves the bike open to the oil slopping to and fro and potential oil aeration. £100 prevention sounds better to me. They also make sense in Guzzi powered trikes and combinations used under hard laterral loads. However, for normal road use, probably a bit OTT.

I have a white coat. My prices are quite reasonable.

I have a white coat. My prices are quite reasonable.[/quote]

yes but would your price include at least one bottle of Scotch?

Do you use a sump extention with the plate? cheers chris.

No, just the baffle plate.