Bike Jacks

I don’t want to crawl about on my hands and knees any more!!

So, will one of these pick up my Cali as is or will I need to fab up some sort of cradle?

A Cali is about 250 - 270 kg depending on accessories so some of the jacks will lift it no problem but you may need to make up a cradle or bracket to adapt the jack to the bike. I wouldn’t like to lift the whole bike on the alloy sump.


If you have room a proper bike ramp/lift is not that expewnsive.I have neither the room or the ceiling height.

That’s part of the reason for looking at this, but also so that I’ll be able to put it out of the way when I don’t need it without growing myself a nice herniatris2013-06-27 12:13:57

I have one of these “Sears” lifts they will lift a cali yes BUT check the sump, my V1000 is square the V11 is V shaped.

To be fair the lifts are useful to a point but I am never totally happy with the stability and the lift itself is so heavy for mosy jobs I pop wood blocks under the centre stand. BUt these lifts do work… you wouldn’t want to be tryint to undo say a wheel nut with the bike up on one tho’

Got mine from Macro for £35… as I say I hardley actually use it.

Totally agree with Guzzibear, I bought a similar one to this for the 1200. It lifted the bike but more pressure than polishing the rim of the wheels and there was a distinct feeling that I was going to be squashed by a lump of Italian motorcycle. I think the only way is a proper bike ramp lift (the big £3-400 units) - or in my case I am lucky, I have a massive RSJ running the length of my garage and I literally hoist the bike on that. The other way that I have found that works really well is either put the sidestand down then a standard jack under the rear suspension mount… then the back of the bike lifts, or under the engine and the front of the bike lifts. Adam

I find using the axle stands on the V11 under the front footrests is rock solid

I’ve found that slotting them in under the bottom bolt of the pork chops works well. I’ve lined the cradles with a bit of 4.5mm polypropylene to protect the paintwork so they wouldn’t fit under the footrests. The bike has a really nice solid feel once it’s up there although I haven’t tried working on it yet. The cradles sit diagonally across the frame/pork chops

I’ve got the hydraulic bench and a sump jach which are great and yet I’ll often use paddock stands at front and/or rear very stable and easy to use.
Watch out for the ALDI ones. Great quality and cheap as paddock stands
Here’s an idea of what they look like
All the best
Brian UK2013-06-27 21:43:00

I made the link work Steve. Yours was pointing at a non existant part of this forum.

Table lift. Worth its weight in gold. Its also an extra surface for tea/cake/clutter

They are Mo but looking at them I thought THAT was the price their weight in gold …

Every year I look at one save up …then something comes along to dash that new boiler this year