Bike Magazine Sept 2016

Comparison of xDiavel, HD Pro Street Breakout, and Audace in above glossy pap. Audace seems to be well thought of.

I just fainted. Guzzi won a comparison test!!!

And not before time…tho I wonder how it would fare in a long term test…not sure they still do such a thing these days …

Depends what you mean by long term I guess. Some of the mags think 1500 miles is a long term test. If you are talking a 10 year ownership prospect, though, that’s what would be interesting. I would think the Guzzi what have a good chance of winning that (maybe with only spares availability and warranty support letting it down). Too early to really tell I know.

I do find it a bit hard to accept that anyone considering a Diavel would also look at the Guzzi, or vice versa to be honest. I don’t see them as being in the same niche at all.

25 years ago Superbike did a comparison run of the latest Cali against the latest HD down to the South of France.
The Cali won on comfort, handling, reliability and everything except pose value once you got to the South of France.
Not wishing to upset any of our resident HD owners I believe that HD are more reliable today.