Bike transport to Europe

Greetings All, hope you are well.

Does anyone know and have experience of, or trusted feedback about, a bike moving service to France post B*****t and Covid?

I am trying to move to France and have to get my bikes there. I have had one quote so far, but a less expensive one would be interesting.

Also, do we know any members in France (apart from Pete Reboot who I know about)?


Sorry no leads on a bike mover.
There are a number of MGCGB members in France. There are also a number of Guzzisiti living in France who regularly contribute to the club’s Facebook page.
A note in Gambalunga would doubtless get a good response too.
Good luck with the move,

Hi Alex,

We have 15 Club Members in France, one of them is me and Hubbie. We are way down in the Pyrenees :smiley:

We exported before Brexit and took bikes along on our trailer everytime we went, so this doesn’t help you much.
I’m afraid things have changed and the posts about problems are plenty on the Expat sites. But on Forums/Fora is lots of newer knowledge.
email me:

Cheers Uki

Thanks for replies.
My place is fairly Central, near Poitiers. It would be great to get to know english-speaking Guzzisti over there.
If I was sensible it might be better to sell the Breva before I go (sob sob), and buy a Euro registered Guzzi once I’m over there…if you see an ad for it on here, that will be why!
I suppose it’s time to bite the bullet and start looking at the dreaded facebook again.

There is a Facebookgroup - Anglophone Bikers in France ttps://

which is the best place to ask about things from transport to rules and regulations like registering your bike in France etc., they will have the latest info and can also provide social contacts etc in your region

Cheers Uki

Presume you have already looked at Chas Mortimer for moving bikes internationally? I think he is the best known

Actually no, but I will do now I know about them. The quote I had was from Moving Motorcycles.

Thanks for the tip,

Was looking into taking my Le mans to Dijon for Coupes Legendes in September - got to pay £260 non returnable for a carnet if taking in a van. Brexshit really helping racing abroad, not.
However, talking to a Greek bike import/ exporter he said that actually it’s now almost easier to export from UK??
There’s a shortfall of 30000 customs officers since January and nobody really seems to know yet.

Update: decided to sell on my BMW, which will halve the cost of shipping the bike/s obviously, and I was starting to hear rumours that it might be problematic to get it registered once in France. It was a decision that surprised me, but I found that, much as I loved the look and sound of the bike, I didn’t enjoy riding it as much as the Breva. So it’s gone.

Update 2:
The Breva is now in France with me, although I’m still waiting for the documentation including the V5, which apparently is still with French Customs.
Moving Motorcycles delivered on time and safely (thanks Graham, their driver - good guy and a true biker). It wasn’t cheap, and they needed a lot of paperwork to get it through Customs, but hopefully once the documents come through to me there shouldn’t be any extra costs due to importation.