Biker's Paradise.

Anyone have any experience of these people?

I need to get all new riding stuff and have always had problems getting leathers to fit, being 6 ft 4 with long legs. Looks like they could be the answer and seemed very helpful on the phone. I need to try stuff on so mail order’s not much good. They’re in Coventry, 150 miles away but that’s not too much of a problem. My nearest bike shop that sells leathers is M & P in Swansea, 55 miles away, and they had nothing suitable. I want trousers that go outside my boots. Knee sliders are not required!

I bought full leathers, lid, boots, w’proofs off this outfit five years ago and it’s all still in regular use.
The boots are the first to require replacement if I’m honest, being badly scuffed/a little leaky/velcroed out. Still eminently usable though.
The leathers get a yearly buff with saddle dressing and a leg zip needed replacing last year.
Great value for the money. Non-pseud styling. I recommend.

I went over to Bikers Paradise on Monday and kitted myself out. I was impressed with the service and have to say the stuff all seemed very well made. The leather is all reassuringly heavyweight and looks well put together. Not especially cheap but very reasonable.

Someone made a comment on another forum about being dressed in animal hides riding a machine powered by fire being a primeval thing.

Not sure if this is relevant but these days I buy all my stuff from MotoLegends and have no complaints so far.
Good kit at reasonable prices and a good returns attitude.

Mr Dunmore I presume :smiley:
Whare have you been hiding? You have been missed on here…

Hi Ian, I still use Lewis Leathers from 1968, oddly they seem to have shrunk, it cant be my waistline, surly not.

How did you find the sizing, as in accurate or not? I see they have exactly the leather jeans I want and wonder if I should take the risk of ordering on line.

That was over 7 years ago!

However, I’m still using the Biker’s Paradise kit I bought back then. It looks like the jacket will need a new zip soon and I’ve worn the boots out. They were very comfy and I had them resoled the once but I never felt they gave enough ankle protection so I didn’t get the same again.

As for sizing, I seem to remember I went for the same size as I take in jeans which was fine. I visited the shop to make sure the length was right because I’m tall and lanky. Jacket size was what I would have expected as well.

Thanks for that, John. I think I’ll have todo the same🙂