Bio Fuel Problems.

I’ve just taken the Cali III FF out of it’s winter lay-up.

I was well pleased when it started up first try then less pleased when I checked it over and found fuel leaking out of both the after market fuel tap and the filter.

The seals In both items had softened and perished due to the effects of the ethanol content of the fuel. I immediately checked the internals of both carbs but fortunately the Frost fuel stabiliser I used had done its job and there was no corrosion of the metal parts. Unfortunately it doesn’t claim to protect elastomers.

I have replaced the tap and filter and changed the flexible pipes for R9+ rated bio fuel proof material.

Let’s hope that keeps the problem at bay for a while.

Last year I had to trim back a carb float pivot tube as it had swelled and was sticking. Ethanol strikes again.

At the moment we’re only getting E5 but we’re due to move to E10 in the near future so Lord knows what will happen then.

I always put 98 fuel in my loop. I believe it is ethanol free still. No problems even in France last year.

In France they label the fuels so you know which ones have ethanol in them but not over here.

I read somewhere that the fuel companies are lobbying the government in order to avoid labelling E10 when that appears too.

I have often had fuel leak problems after a long lay-up, and in the days BEFORE unleaded petrol too! So not always to do with ethanol.

Rarely had problems with taps tho, sounds like “aftermarket” means poorer quality? Altho nothing lasts forever, not even tap seals.

PS: you do have to use parts that are ethanol compatible nowadays tho.

OR drain the carbs before leaving to stand, so that they are dry.