Blue tooth

Morning all

I’m off on a “mission” to Belgium/Somme with a mate and we thought that it would be a good plan to get ourselves Bluetoothed in case we get separated!
i.e. if we’re out of range of the Bluetooth we could still phone with out a lot of difficulty.

However, prices go from about £30 to £200.

Can anyone recommend one?


Hi Tris
I bought a “cheap Chinese” sat nav and Bluetooth intercom by Bluetronics for a holiday 6 years ago.
Still going strong and far better than the Scala which preceded it.
Easier to pair, Â easier to use and very robust piece of kit.

I bought a pair of two way radios from maplins and got ear pieces and mikes to suit
range up to 5Km
did ok for me

12 of us did similar 2 weekends ago.
I don’t even have a mobile phone, though I do have a satnav and knew where we were going.
The only problem we had was Thursday morning heading for Dover and Dover docks are difficult to miss.
However did we manage 25 years ago?