Bluetooth on the V9 Roamer?

Just bought a 2018 V9 Roamer. I was pleased to see it has a USB port but does it do anything more than charge the battery of your smartphone?
I installed the Moto Guzzi Dashboard app but it said the connection was via Bluetooth. I had Bluetooth enabled on my phone but the bike (PMP DEVICE) did not appear on the ‘nearby devices’.
I wonder when they began to install Bluetooth connectivity in the V9? Mine is May 2018.

you need the MIA module installed on the bike i think.

Ah-ha. Thank you.

The MIA module didn’t even come with a brand new V100 Mandello - madness in my opinion that they don’t install the software as standard. The dealer didn’t even ask me if I wanted it installed by them at a cost.

They go to all the bother of making the ‘dashboard’ app. Then, once you’ve downloaded it, you find that your Moto Guzzi motorbike won’t talk to the Moto Guzzi app. Bonkers.

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