The latest issue of rider from the BMF has a one page profile of the the club.
Not terribly exciting and yet the readership is huge.
Happy days

Read the article. Absolutely describes my Pennine Branch experience.

Cheers Kev.
An unintended and yet happy outcome.
Hats off to the Pennine Branch

Can that be scanned and stood up here somewhere for perusal or is that a copyright issue?

“Better to seek forgiveness than permission” works for me!
There is a mistke in that I included the now obsolete Rescue Register in the benefits.


Nice one Steve :smiley:

Cheers Chris.

Yep, looking good. I’d better pull my finger out and pay my subscription - at this rate you’ll surely have run out of room for me.

Always room for one more!
Interesting point 'though. You’re not the first to note the increasing number of members. Someone recently asked if “the club really needs a lot of people joining.”
Time will tell.

No problem with some younger blood in the club, those guys in the photos all look a bit grey…like me! :smiley:

PS Just spotted Kate (I think it is her) in the photo, so not all grey beards :smiley:

There’s 3 females in the photo at the Hollybush. I’m there too.

Whoops :confused:

Looks like Guy is there too, and Keith!

Well spotted along with Ranton Rambler aka Ian Pettifor.
The picture of the bridge at St Nazaire dates back to the early 1980s and has me, Deb (my long suffering boss) and Mike Bailey (long suffering bestie). Picture taken by Jeannette Chadwick who made up the happy team who did several European trips on our T3 Calis.
Lower left is from Bristol Auto Italia 2016. Just a hint of the bikes surrounding the MGCGB stand.
Have fun,

Well done Steve, I’m impressed with your output with regards to promoting the Club + your enthusiasm with the whole Guzzi scene , good on yer mate :sunglasses:

Prince amongst men. Much appreciated.
Off to the shed for a quick blush :wink:

+1;top bloke!

Many thanks Robin!