BMF pre-election Initiative - We need your help!

From the BMF,

*Good afternoon everyone

We need your help.

The BMF is, as you know, seeking to get all Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) in the run up to the General Election to sign up to the BMF’s key priorities for the future of motorcycling as set out in the National Motorcyclists Council (NMC)/BMF Manifesto "Motorcycling Matters." The aim is to get the BMF membership and affiliated rider groups to get PPCs in their local constituency to sign our Motorcycling Pledge and even encourage to have a photo with the Pledge card – attached. Since the election was called, we have urged all riders, through the BMF Website and social media channels, to get involved in the campaign to ask their PPCs to confirm their support for our Manifesto priorities.

Motorcycling has often been overlooked by Ministers and officials when developing wider transport policy. The vision and priorities we have set out with our NMC partners in the Manifesto seek to change that and to place motorcycling front and centre of a sustainable future UK transport system. We want the future Government to unleash the potential of the motorcycling sector to fully realise the benefits that motorcycling can bring to UK society as an accessible, affordable, and greener form of transport. We have a real opportunity in the pre-election period and beyond to completely reshape the future narrative around motorcycling.

With only 27 days to go until the General Election we would be grateful if you could contact your regional members to get them to do all they can to have their local PPCs sign the Pledge, emphasising that this is their opportunity to make a real difference to the future of motorcycling.

Full details, with covering letter templates for members to send out to their PPCs, are contained in the Call to Action on the website. The more riders who contact their local PPCs and the more election candidates who then sign up to the Pledge Card the more likely it will be that politicians will prioritise motorcycling both at the General Election and in the future months and years ahead.

Thank you for your support.


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BMF Administrator

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