Booster plugs do they work

Has anyone fitted a booster plug to a Breva 750 if so does it work and how does it fit ?

I fitted one to mine, purchased from a club member, he was the agent for them
I fitted the actual box into the inner mudguard under the sea, then ran the cable for the air temperature thermostat along the mudguard and fitted by the number plate, then simply uncouple the wires to the air temperature sensor and linked the unit in

he set it up for me for general riding and to smooth out the low speed judder, and general lethargy

I then rode it for 50 miles with my nephew on the back ( he had travelled across Europe with me, and we both agreed that it cured the low down juddering, and also increased the pull from low revs
fuel economy is unchanged
I think it was about 120 new
if you want you can come and try mine to see the difference

its all to do with EU emission regs, BMWs have the same problem, a mate gets his chipped to cure the judder

No. They work in the short term but eventually the ECU learns that the closed loop map is being manipulated and returns to its original settings.

So you get a noticeable effect at first, but then it vanishes.

Thanks for your reply but it has been suggested that the ECU figures out the plug is playing with its brain after a while and resets it’s self, so your back to square one and wasted £120 quid.
How long have you been running the unit and does it still work ?

Thanks for the info I had a feeling this could be the case

6 years, 6 overseas trips
still no juddering and still excellent low down pull
I just opened my folder for the bike ( I dont do PC stuff)
it is a WWW Finebau unit Aeroplus Lite Module with 8 switch settings
and being non technical, I left it as set by the supplier
I dont do tinkering or fiddling, I do big hammers, chisels, and making robots
there is a sheaf of technical paperwork with it, with many many words
non of which I either comprehend or can pronounce,
I also tend to ride my machines very hard, my Technician says its a real sweetie to ride, and he is a race marshall !

The ECU isn’t that sophisticated. Open loop still works from the air temp sensor (so the plug changes that) which is when you are opening throttle. Closed loop is cruising at very low throttle openings.

I rode 130 miles today with v twin boost plugged in, but just for the comparison I will be removing it during the week and testing how it runs without it for 2 or 3 weeks and seeing what changes.