Bosch Starter Refurb

I pulled a dead Bosch out of my pal’s V50 and swapped in a Valeo I got cheap on ebay. That’s going great but I’d like to get the Bosch repaired and serviced, and I’m happy to post anywhere in the UK. I’m pretty sure a club member did my last one but that was years ago.

Any suggestions please … ?

I think Gutsibits do an exchange scheme. Not sure if they send them off or do the work in-house.
Is it possible to do it yourself with a bit of Youtube tuition?

OK thanks – perhaps I’ll give them a call.

Beyond which it’s difficult to be Rsed really, I’ve got too many other issues going on with the stuff on the fleet to afford the time. I tend to just unbolt the small to medium size pieces and send them off to specialists. I’m more on project management and final assembly, if you see what I mean.

Was it Ray Dunkley (Ex Smokin biker) that did the last one? He does do them.

Have a walk down to your local garage and ask them who they use. I use one in Chorley they are good if you haven’t done to much damage keep tapping it with a hammer :confused:

Burghfield Starter and Alternator Centre just south of Reading have been around for at least 40 years; they’ve always serviced mine. Quickly and for a good price.

Hardly seems worthwhile these days getting a starter motor refurbed when you can get a brand new one delivered for £65. Although they are probably Chinese copies they have received good reviews on other forums and at this money they are virtually a throw away item or in my case to be kept on the shelf as a spare.


Not sure which Bosch starter it is you’ve got, but if it’s the same as those on a early BMW, I believe Motorworks do refurb them. Certainly the various parts are available to do it.

Not sure if it’s an exchange or you send yours to be done.