Bosch Starter solenoid

What is the type / code number for the solenoid fitted to the old Bosch starter motors ?

Er…pass …will get Guy to ave a look see…

If you need one Russ we can bring one with us…x

Go on then …cheers.

You can get one separately?

What’s wrong with it?

It’s on one of Clinko’s bikes :laughing: :laughing:

Cheeky ! :laughing:

Nope that went over my head …

Are you sure you need a new solenoid and it’s not just lack of current with the one you have?
The coil will draw about 40 Amps for the split second it takes to engage the cogs which it won’t get reliably through the Guzzi wiring,
Test it with a hot wire from the spade connector to the battery Positive, that’s how it should engage.