Bracketry for LeMans II side panels

When I stripped down my mkII LeMans I neglected to photograph the bracket positions for the side panels.
Could someone on here please help me out by taking photo’s of their bike for me so that I can assemble these odd pieces of tin in the correct fashion.

Happy to, please pm your email. Not putting them on forum - too much hassle (will not use uploader - too many adverts seem to come through)

The uploader is disabled, always was You can link from elsewhere using [ img ] no problem.

Not a very clear picture but the side panels mount on the thin metal straps that hold all the electrics together, with little rubber bushes at the top (replacements available on ebay) and the bottom grommet pushes onto the long pointy spike.

Some advice I was given for the panels on my T3 (similar system) regarding the pointy spike, was to put a zip-tie around the spike area as a belt and braces thing. Apparently, the panels can go walk-about due to vibration etc. Undo-able zip-ties are available, by the way, from Halfrauds; no doubt cheaper elsewhere.

I drilled a hole through the pointy spike and used a split pin to prevent the side panel going walkabout. This was after I lost one off the old Le Mans. Hindsight - it’s a wonderful thing!

Or sadly to stop people nicking them too.

Sorted now thanks. Grubby2013-04-23 18:55:35