Brake and Gear Linkage Options? - V50

Can anyone please point me in the right direction as to where I might be able to get a replacement brake pedal linkage rod for my '79 Mk2 V50? I know Gutsibits sell them for £60 but would like something less expensive! Think I also need something similar to connect to the gear selector on the gearbox from the circled part of my new rearset gear linkage.I have been googling and cannot find a website where these sort of things can be bought from even though I am sure I have found somewhere previously. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

cafe racer2014-02-01 16:13:36

Try ringing a few dealers, Corsa Italiana have probably the largest range of Guzzi spares. They don’t have a website which lists all their stock.
Though whether you will find it any cheaper, I don’t know.Otherwise try Pete at Reboot.Regarding the gearchange part, do you not have the original? It’s only a rod with a 6mm thread on each end, and you can buy a rose joint for the gearbox end quite easily and cheaply.Brian UK2014-02-01 16:20:30

Thanks Brian…er…I don’t have those parts as I sold them along with a whole host of other bits to Pete! Typical! I have emailed Pete actually.Regards the gear selector bits…where could I get those please do you think? I don’t know the length of the gear selector rod or how much 6mm thread it has on it or the size of rose joint etc.

Have you considered making one yourself? Even if you fail first time round it will still be cheaper and the satisfaction is immense.

I replaced the joints on my gearchange from here

They have rose joints, rods and everything you need to make up your own,

OR another place that may do parts to fit in stainless steel would be

I hadn’t as I don’t have those skills to be honest. If these things are available widely and cheap as Brian says that will be the line of least resistance that I will take.

Cheers Ken, I have found what looks to be the correct rod end for the brake. They have turnbuckles rather than rods though.

cafe racer2014-02-01 17:54:58

McGill have all you need BUT if not sure contac them I found them real helpful and they saved me buying bits I did not actually need. Take a good long time looking and check out the rose eyelets with the built in rods, I bought open rose joints and it makes the gearchange sloppy, which by accident works better on the heel toe gearchange of the V1000 BUT would not be brill on a cafe racer…lol

I made my own using M6 stainless threaded bar, 8mm OD/6mm ID stainless tubing and M6 female rose joints.

The brake linkage was fine using just the M6 threaded bar as it is only in tension but the gear lever rod needed sleeving with the tubing to keep it rigid under compression (when changing up).

Most likely get a metre of threaded steel rod from B&Q, and won’t cost £60! Here also link to McGill, from Ken’s other topic: Note they also do the ball joints if that is your preference

GTM…where did you source your parts…they look really good!if anyone knows where i can get the measure measurements for the brake linkage please i would have a go at putting together my own. The gear linkage looks a more complex affair where it attaches to the gear selector on the gearbox…would take a photo but bike is at my dad’s house.will scour B and Q later.

I made the pedals myself. They have subsequently been chromed.

The rose joints are from McGill Motorsport and the stainless threaded bar and tube came from ebay.

The threaded bar is sometimes called ‘allthread’. I would definitely use stainless steel if you can get it.

As regards the measurements you can make your replacements to the same length as the originals or, if you are using threaded bar, you can simply experiment until you get the length that works best.

I also made the short rod which links the bellcrank to the gearbox shift lever.

gtmdriver2014-02-02 09:48:09

Thanks for the pointers and photos.

And here

Thanks for the link Tris. I got an excellent condition brake rod linkage and gear linkages for £25 from an well known eBay seller…just got a bit of an installation problem with the rearsets I bought. Never expected it to be plain sailing! I have bought a longer turnbuckle set up from McGill’s which I hope will sort out the position of the pedal on the gear side which is pointing vertically down at the moment!


You’ll have to bring it down to Coddington when its done on (now) the Monday last Monday in the month - I’d love to see it

Will do!!

Got it all sorted out…a replacement brake rod fitted and sprayed black as some of the chrome was peeling.It did need an extra nut putting on the brake cylinder bolts to bring everything into line though. Some minor adjustments to be made once I get a seat etc, but the gear linkage has been repositioned and feels spot on now.