Brake Conversion

I am going to fit the Guzzipower brake adaptors to my Cali. Has anyone fitted the same, if so, did you have to alter the mudguard mounts?

Anyone unfamiliar with the convo, here are some pics:

Very interesting! :slight_smile:

If a trifle ugly?

I have never had a problem with my F08s on my '97 California 1100i; other than failing to use the brake pedal hard enough during emergency stops (a result of riding non-linked bikes as well).

The instructors on my Bikesafe session (voluntary, not as a result of an infringement) did not understand them either during the slow turning sessions.

I was once tempted to convert to conventional non-linked brakes, but am happy enough with the originals.

I have a suspicion that these only fit 280mm discs and not 300mm discs. I’m awaiting a reply to my email.

What pads are you using please Stoneman?

Caliper looks identical to what’s fitted to the new V7’s, also, coincidentally, all 750 cc Urals.

V7 rotor is Ø 320 mm. Ural rotor is Ø 298 mm. Both are floating disc type. 4 pistons in the caliper.

Form follows function. More pistons + bigger pads = more ‘stomp’. :smiley:

Appendix: pads — I like the EBC semi-sintered (FA244V).

Ferodo FDB108 from M&P.

It is a matter of personal choice really.

Thanks for the replies.

In a fit of sanity, it occurred to me that the new brakes would engage with the disc in the same way that the 08 brakes currently do. Adapters ordered and I’ll keep you updated.

20 odd years ago I rode a Brembo equipped trials bike as a despatch rider. It was if anything overbraked, however, my bacon was saved a few times. Indeed on one occasion the header pipe melted the back of the mudguard, but I did survive! No matter how carefully we ride sometimes stressful occasions arise, and the ability to summon hellish braking is a wonderful thing when it happens.

If the adapters don’t work I’ll be following your suggestions on pad choice.