brake disc

any one had this happen, 500mls only its a brembo disc of off my cali3. brembo want it back but want me to pay the p&p i want to send it back on the grounds of safty," thay have only sold 18pairs of this paticular disc in the uk since 2010, so i paid£350 to get 500mls and thy want me to pay the p&p so that thay can test for the fault. ps the other disc has a small hair line crack in it wher it meets the bobin. cant post photo acsses denied

Maybe suggest to them that they might like to consider arranging courier collection of their defective components before you involve Trading Standards and the DoT. Looks horrendous and if both discs are showing the same defect it makes you wonder if the batch was faulty.

I had a similar crack in the back disk on my little Breva. As it had 16k on it, I didn’t bother with MG, just got it fixed.

Had this happen on a Beemer many years ago. Bit scary if you think about it too much.

I would imagine Trading Standards would be very helpful. They take this sort of thing very seriously. The initial contact is on line and you start with a standard complaint letter.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

I would take it off along with the other one return them to Brembo USING A GOOD TRACKABLE System (Stops them saying it never got there) try to get a name to send it to as well bite your tongue and pay the postage
When they say it is faulty they should return the postage charge to you asa decent gesture
Make sure you keep plenty of photos and if possible have them dated by say todays newspaper headlines etc (Not the date on the camera as that can be set on any date)
I dont think they would argue at all once they see them
stay calm it helps in the long run.

Vosa might also have an interest.Did you buy them direct from Brembo, or through a retailer? Your legal claim is with the actual seller. If this was not Brembo, you should contact them first. Are you sure you weren’t sold cheap chinese copies?

thay wher suplied by motomecca, so i think i got what i paid for(fingers x) thay have asked me to return them so that thay can return them to brembo. but thay still want me to pay the p&p.brembo want them returned to the supliying agent so that thay can return them. its anoying that i paid a total of £350 for the discs and i am being asked to pay the p&p as a signe of good fathe on my part!!!and i have had to order a new set of discs and pay for them why i wait ther decision. whitch wont be any time soon. cheers a verey buzz,
buzz2013-04-16 13:34:07

From a sellers point of view i have to fall into this area a lot I supply and fit a sewage pump at say a cost to me of £3500 for the pump, that pump goes wrong in its 12 months warrenty period I have to go and remove it from site have it steam cleaned as cannot ship it dirty and pay to send it back to my supplier now the last one cosst £75 shipping I then had to keep the client sewage free by purchasing a replacement unit not to bothered as i assumed that when they checked the faulty unit they would just give me a credit note for the one replaced , no they found it was a internal temperture sensor blown so replaced it and then returned the pump to me so i now have a second hand pump that is no use to me untill the other one fails, but worse of all you end up £3500 out of pocket

and i have had to order a new set of discs and pay for them why i wait ther decision. whitch wont be any time soon.
cheers a verey buzz,[/QUOTE] Ex smokingbiker2013-04-16 13:48:23

I do feel VOSA would like to see these failed discs…there may be many more out there if they are indeed flawed form new.