brake disc

managed to get photo on now, buzz2013-04-15 14:45:21

Do you need it welding ? or will magic metal do the job?

caliper is working corectly,the brown tinge is reflecion i have other photos that are beter,

Where did you buy them? Your first port of call is the unfortunate retailer.

that is metal fatigue,lucky your alive to post on here

your not kiding, lukily i was in colchester town center when it whent. i applied the brake at about walking speed the forks dived north and the bike came to an abrupt stop engin stalld just got mr balanc and did not drop the bike (cali ) . it also did the caliper no favers. i had to get the bike recoverd to my home.

motomecca thay are being helpfull apart from not wanting to pay the p&p for the return of the defectiv discs. a small point but a nigly one,
buzz2013-04-16 13:32:21

there was me thinking you might have bought it off fleabay and got stung with some chinese inferior product - but MM ! it should be original Guzzi replacement or at least a quality UK Non OEM.


yes jim thats what is so anoying i brought genuine brembo, of off a reputable dealer. let me state " i do not hold motomecca" responsible. if you could see the disc in the metal you would see a distinct brown mark on both iner faces of the disc (in side the crack) about 1/2 an inch above and below the drilled hole.and above and below that the metal is grey. ( ie stress fracture?), all i am concernd whith is the safty factor.brembo not motormecca have sold 18 sets of this disc in the uk since 2010, its an upgrade to floting discs from the old undrild originals that wher fited to early cali3 models my is an 1988 model, i would urge any one that has this conversion to go and have a look at your discs. hope fully i got the only bad one, we will see wat brembo say when i return them. i promiss to update the post when i have an answer. all the best mick,

I think I would send it to them with a strong letter explaining why you do not believe YOU should be paying postage for a faulty part. OR pop into trading standards and ask their advice first BEFORE doing anything.

hmm,only worry here is you have ‘modified’ the brakes from original…and give Brembo and possibly the retailer a way out.
Having said that I would have tght the retailer would have paid the postage as THEY supplied the items and they are responsible in the first instance. Your claim is against the retailer, his claim is against Brembo or whoever supplied them.

They are tho’ SOLD as a replacement upgrade I believe

correct thay are sold as an upgrade, and wher purchased as sutch.

Ahh but the part you have bought to upgrade is the part that is faulty so should be covered its not like you have fitted replacement discs and they have buggered another part ie say caliper and thats the bit you are trying to claim for

Buzz, you really should contact Trading Standards to find out what you are entitled to, we just have various opinions, not all of which may be helpful.

Just a thought - have you given the other one a good coat of looking at?
I’d be tempted to return the pair if only because Quote:- “I’m not an expert and don’t have the skill to determine if the other disc has the same manufacturing defect”

Also for those of us with similar discs, and knowing what you know now, would the initial crack have been visible before the failure?tris2013-04-22 13:05:45

tris,You might have missed it but Buzz has two threads running on this problem."ps the other disc has a small hair line crack in it wher it meets the bobin."Both crapped out by the sound of it.

update I have now had a refund for thes brake disks from brembo, and thay have the disks.

my thanks to mottomeca for ther help,

Good result.And your good self?

I am recovering from my recent hit and run incedent the shoulder is heling just fine, and the insuranc co,(benetts) paiad the full value of the bike and my helmet and jacket. thanks for asking ian,
I have just sent roger shufelbottom a pm about his bike (cali3) that he is selling. fingers crossed I myt be back on a cali soon.