Brake Fluid - Cali 1100

I need to change the brake fluid of my 1994 Cali 1100. The lever is spongy and the fluid colour is dark brown, no idea when it was last changed.
The Owner’s Manual quotes Agip Brake fluid Super HD. I had hoped to find this on the Internet, if only to confirm the DOT number, but without success.
The reservoir cover says “Use only DOT3+5 brake fluid”. I am not sure how to interpret this: DOT3 is glycol based and DOT5 is silicone based and I thought they are not compatible with each other. Can anyone advise the correct brake fluid for this application?
As the bike is now 22 years old would it be wise to change master & slave cylinder seals and flexible hoses before putting in new fluid?
Finally, can anyone recommend a workshop manual (Haynes or other) that covers this model?
Ian McD

Would not be compatible with DOT 5 so I would say DOT 4. See the following.

Check all components are thoroughly clean inside, if been left so long you might have corrosion. You might find it’s not that simple, needs more than bleeding like master cylinders and calipers need rebuilding with overhaul kits i.e. new seals.

Also check flexible hoses for condition, they can go soft with age and expand a bit, thus causing a spongy feel. Many people favour stainless braided replacements. If uncertain of age of hoses I would replace them.

Thanks Mike, DOT4 seemed to be the most likely option. Also I see that that Guzzibits are selling Agip DOT4.
I too suspect that the seals and hoses are past their best. The discolouration of the fluid may be more than just water absorption, I wonder if it could be coming from seal degradation.
Looks like Santa may have to bring caliper overhaul kits!
Ian McD

If you are going for a full restoration throughout then Dot 5 might be worth considering.
Changing my pistons and seals 15 years ago had a far greater effect than fitting Goodridge hoses.
If the calipers are 4 pot then seal kits may not be available.

To the best of my knowledge Brembo still do not recommend silicone brake fluids.

Dot 4 is your best option.

Yes that rings a bell with me too, must not be DOT 5.

However apparently there is now a DOT 5.1 which has gone back to glycol. (?)

Dot 5.1 is Glycol as well .

Seems bloody stupid and confusing to me to call the only silicone type , type 5 :confused:

I’m pretty sure that all Harleys have gone back to Dot 4 after a period of Dot 5 .