Brake fluid

Time my brake fluid was changed on a 1100i.
Easy?put bleed thing from halfolds on nipple, open nipple, take top reservoir, slowly pump brakes and top up reservoir as required until old is replaced with new…
Then I read on hear syringes filling from the calipers…
Is this realy necessary?
All advise welcome as always
Many thanks in advance

I always did brakes old school but now also use the syringe way as could not get linked brakes to work all working fine full power take calipers off easy bought said item( fleabay £3.45 )

If you are just replacing the fluid, then the old fashioned way normally works. It’s when you are trying to fill an empty system that it often does not, which is where the syringe method comes in.

I find the car type bleed thingies don’t work on a bike possibly due to the fact the handlebars are way higher than a car system and there is NO servo to assist.

Air flows UP so by using a syringe to fill from the brake to the mast cyl makes sure there is no air, and with a syringe you can tap the thing with a finger the air will flow back up the pipe into the top of the syringe… easy takes 30 secs fpr front brake and min and a half for the rear and front.

Back bleeding using a syringe is a good way to re-fill an empty system or one which has air in it but if all you are doing is changing the fluid then there should be no air in the system and the traditional method works fine.

I have a compressor operated brake bleeder which is great for bleeding new systems but I still use the traditional method for a simple fluid change.

Thanks Gents possibly just go for the traditional method and then if I encounter problems revert to pumping back with a syringe.
However I have now been on fleabay looking at syringes and got thinking…If I had used a syringe I could have changed the gear box oil with out taking the exhaust off and snapping the mounting bolts. ok I might have only changed 80percent but it would have taken 10 mins not 10 hours.
is there any way I can use a syringe to make the fork oil easier???maybe taking it out and replacing though the drain plug??? I assume I would need some sort of non return valve/nipple to replace the drain plug? just a thought!

I considered changing the fork oil that way too but in the end it would have been so fiddly that pulling the top plugs was a doddle by comparison.

Tried that once, only succeeded in making the forks solid 'cause I couldn’t get all the old fluid out. No other way to be sure but take the top caps off I’m afraid. Agree with Brian etc., if just replacing the fluid then can do it the ‘normal’ way, otherwise may need the more drastic method.
Mike H2014-04-06 21:35:40

Cheers gents

I bought 2 of these use one for fuel to empty a tank the other for oil

They work and are inexpensive there are better ones if you have more mhunney even powered ones