Brake grinding noise V35

Got an odd prob with the front brake on the v35. link brakes are fine…fitted new pads, seals and hoses with all new fluid ready for the summer.before I did the rebuild the front brake would grind like the pads had warn out, still does the same with new pads and a perfect looking disk any ideas as i cannot see anything wrong, the brake works reasonably well but if you apply it hard it starts to grind. Im assuming the disk may need a skim as its been stood for 25 odd yearslink ( other front and rear) are silent and have enough force to almost lock the wheels if used carelessly

I have recently fitted new EBC’s to ny lil’Breva and they now chatter under braking. Work fine though.The disc is an EBC replacement less than a year old.

its enough to scare small children if you do an emergency stop.was hoping it would clear after a weekend of riding but alas no…!

Is one piston working better than t’other and the disc actually touchin the caliper. Check both pistons workin equally…
Spacers all in correctly…?guykate2014-02-17 11:23:24

Guessing here IF the pads are new and the disk looks ok take a torch and just check there is nothing in there, caught like the smallest bit of grit makes an almighty noise.

It may just be the cast disc needing bedding to the pads. BUT if it is really worrying you and you cannot see anything obvious and there are NO shiny marks on the disc to show something rubbing then pop it to a good dealer or brake specialist before going the replacement disc/disc grind jobbie

all seems well, fitted new pistons and seals when i did the pads, both move in an out freely. brake works when used lightly but the more pressure you apply it suddenly brakes in to grinding. back off a faction and noise goes.pulled pads out yesterday when i got back an all looked ok

there are spacers between the leg and the caliper on both sides, never seen that setup before but disk is dead central in calipercleaned lip of disk with emery while spinning wheel just incase but bike at done less than 6k miles from new so disks are not even warn

Just a thought Iain, how are the front wheel bearings? Heavy braking may apply enough pressure to cause them to rotate in their housings which can also cause grinding noises.
Cheers, Gerry.

good point gerry, will have a look at the weekend. Wheel spins nicely and had no tight spotsgot some new ones to fit when I have the wheel power coated, may have to accelerate plans for that!

I reckon it’s because the spacers are still there that the disc is central! Some people lose them or chuck them away if they have the calipers off and then wonder why the brakes are nothing special.

Just a wild shot…
When cars eventually have those kind of noise, experienced mechanics pull the pads out, then smear with copper-grease on pads backside, & it reaaly Works - I dont know why…

Stops the pads vibrating I believe, just by having something sticky on the back.

 Think he means more in terms of play where there shouldn't be, try push-pulling the rim sideways relative to the forks, should be no sideways movement. If there is bearings are shot

Bearings feel fine no movement or looseness.

Have a proper look this weekend.

I’m thinking it’s the disc not the bearings but good idea to check

when you whip the wheel out drop me the discs and I will blast them that will break the glaze on them

Which pads did you use? One type of EBC do that, I always use Ferodo in the V1000 and V11 and only a smear of coppergrease onthe backs of the pads, did you check the caliper pin spring, if fitted was not touching the top edge of the disc, kinda clutching at straws with that ne BUT I did have one not fitted correctly and it caught the top edge of the disc scared me to death. THE ONLY time I let someone else do the new brake pads was that one too.

it had brembo oe pads when I got it, have swapped for EBC sintered with new pins and spring ( + pistons and seals) and noise just samefitted my self and then removed and refitted. Never ever let anyone work on my brakes for me… even pains me on my new leased car to let garage swap disk and pads :-(stumped as cannot see anything wrong.Place few miles down road make custom disks have offered to skim both lightly when i get chance to remove wheel

Can you reproduce the noise by spinning wheel by hand and applying brake lightly.

No it’s only apparent when braking hard and you cannot turn the wheel with that much presure applied by hand

My Bee-Em’s original discs had an ear-splitting squeak, fingernails down a blackboard stuff Sent pedestrians bananas… Think it was the pads, sintered maybe, as discs were quite badly scored, changed them for something different, sorted.

I DO know some types of EBC pads do make awful noise. This happened on Annies Virago I swapped them for Ferodo all good BUT mebbe you can swap with some on another bike.