Brake lamp switch front. Small Block

Just had the switch fail on my Breva 750. Only 17,000 mile.

Took it off and cleaned the terminals and used contact cleaner. Got some life, but nothing like a good enough.
Thought about borrowing one off AqD’s Nevada which runs the same switch. Then recalled I was running an early Deauville front brake lever as it had span adjustment.
So nicked the switch off my Deauville project café racer. What a different in quality of action. Popped it on the Breva. Straight swap, no hassle. You can feel as you line up the location lug, the switch was made for this casing. The lug itself presses in to hold the switch in place while you put the screw in. The Guzzi switch just slops around in vaguely the place. One thing Guzzi did get right though. They used an allen screw rather than a Phillips.

Honda: 35340-MM5-600Cabernet2013-08-16 16:48:16

My MoT man fitted a Suzuki part when mine failed on the test… (“It was working this morning, honest guv!”).Seemed to be a pattern part, almost generic “Suzuki”…

I think the same switch is also available from Maplin.