Brake pads for 8V Griso


I need to get some new brake pads for the Griso, what make pads should I go for?

Thanks Eddie.

EBC mate every time work better than Brembo use them on the older bike and the V11 Le mans

Hi Eddie, I’ve used Brembo, EBC and Ferodo on my Griso and prefer Ferodo, they’re excellent! AndrewDuquois2013-04-22 20:41:20

Thanks, I will now go on ebay and see what sort of price to pay.

Eddie beware e-bay knock off copy pads mate go to a dealer I bought some “EBC” pads for Annie’s Virago off e-bay and when they arrived they were obvious knock offs, went to local Yamaha dealer for some you could see the difference mate… no brakes cos the pad comes off is not funny

By the way Annie ses 'eellloooo!"guzzibear2013-04-22 22:27:20

Hi Eddy,

I advice you not to go for the cheap.
A Guzzi rider I know has damaged his rotors from his Norge with the wrong brake pads.
The combination rotors/ brake pads produced to much heat.
Brembo had changed the product numbers, he bought the wrong ones.
I don’t know what you should buy.
A German site (Stein-Dinse) uses 4 different ones.
The original (old) number: 01654630
The newer one: 07BB1910
And two others: 07670810 and 61340201A.

Confused? I am…

Ad B Ad B2013-04-23 19:17:12

Hi, Thanks, I have gone for a set of EBC they are going to cost me £16.99 a pair. I am picking them up at the weekend. Thanks for all the advice.

Have a look at Gutsibits good price on EBC pads

At £16.99 a pair they may not be HH rated. EBC FA244 HH are the ones you will need for max. braking and disc life.

watch out for fake ebc stuff on line, i got some ‘ebc’ blue pads 2 years ago and my t5 has never stopped. Had a moan while talking to the mot man and he said they prob fakes … bought an identical set from him off the shelf to test and even before they have bedded in they feel better

Have used EBC but found them lacking in the wet, prefer Ferodo but not easy to find for the later big bikes, currently running Carbon Lorraine, very pleased.Cheers, G.