brake shoes

I need a set of brake shoes for my stornello sport and dont want to get them from abroad due to having to pay import duty.Does anyone have some that i can buy.
Cheers Syrup Head

Hi Syrup Head, I am assuming that you already have the original shoes, and could do with new linings … I know of one company that could prove to be useful … ( There must also be others ) … “Saftek” , they are classic / vintage brake and clutch re-lining specialists … I was going to use their services to re-line some rear brake shoes on a classic Honda I own, but, David Silver’s came up trumps…! Saftek can be found on-line … They have a head office in Telford, Shropshire, and a place in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, ( Where the work takes place)… tel. 01952-581122 or
I hope this may be of help, Regards, Tony

Hi Tony
I dont have the original shoes so i,m hoping someone will be able to help me other wise i will have to buy a set from an overseas dealer. The cost now we are out of the EU is prohivitive due to the extra charges that i will have to pay.
Cheers Syrup Head

There’s a guy in UK that sells hundreds of different brake shoes. I picked up a card at Founders Day a couple of years ago, so will see if I can find…
But I think we’re just going to have to get used to paying a bit more for foreign parts! At least the local VAT should be deducted.

Hi, i have a load of new old stock brake shoes mainly ebc do you know the code for the shoes and I will see if I have any.

Syrup. I might have an odd pair of spare shoes that would need relining, I would need to have a count up of what I’ve got!

These are the shoes if you have anything to match.

Stornello brake shoes. by Don West, on Flickr

newfren code for these shoes is gf0113 and I cant find any conversion code to any other manufacturer. it appears they were only fitted to stornello, 125 sport and 50 scrambler, I have some shoes that look about right but without some originals to compare it impossible to know if they will fit sorry, seem to be around 25 quid on italian ebay plus whatever the taxman ads

Hi Fred
I have been in touch with Don and am awaiting delivery of his spare pair shoes that need relining. Thanks for responding to my request much apppreciated.
Cheers Syrup Head