Branch Contact List (GDPR question)

Not sure if I’ve asked this before …

As Essex Branch contact I should perhaps be maintaining a contact list for the various ‘members’, least ways for any who would like regular updates. I don’t have one though it would be easy to compile from any info provided. Here’s the question;

I’d hold the details on a spreadsheet - just a name and email address on each line. Nothing else - I’m not doing phoning or texting. I don’t use any firewall here and don’t usually use document encryption. Is there anything here I could fall foul on GDPR over? I’d presume to send any emails out on Bcc also.

Contact Jennet the membership secretary and she will send you details of members in Essex. I used to ask the members if they wanted to be on my mailing list rather than just include them. Jennet’s contact details are in Gambalunga.


Thanks Chris.

Jennet will be able to give you a list for your area.
Name, Town and email.

As long as you delete old lists and use Blind copy (BCC) when you send an email out and don’t share any email addresses unless you have permission. you are complying