Branch Meeting Reminder - Tuesday 1st February 2022

Dear Guzzisti

I hope everyone is fit and well.
Just a reminder that there is a branch meet this coming Tuesday at the Victoria Inn, Wetwang around 7pm.
Not too much happening at the moment, as the roads are a bit salty and greasy. I have managed to get the odd local run in on a dryish day. I also had a short trip over to Mandello a couple of weeks back. Looking into a project that might or might not happen. I was hoping to see a V100 Mandello out testing, but no luck I only saw a New V7 and a Breva 1100 rumble by.
You may have seen in Gambalunga that the Guzzi fest is moving further North this year, to Derbyshire in August. I am hoping to get to that perhaps we may have a E & N Yorkshire contingent.

Hope to see some of you on Tuesday