Branch Organiser needed!!!

“We are looking for someone to take over the position of Branch Organiser which would only involve arranging the lunch meets and any other regular events. It would be great if we could have a volunteer for this as soon as possible so we can continue with the branch activities now that we are more able to do so than we have been over the last couple of years.
The Lunch meet arrangements would entail choosing a suitable location and contacting the chosen pub/restaurant to advise them of our attendance and the potential numbers that they would need to cater for.
The Shows and Scottish Rally are very much a combined effort by the usual team of members and this seems to work very well.
Hopefully we will have a suitable volunteer otherwise we would need to rethink how we can move forward with the regular meetings. If anyone would like to discuss the role or get any further information please give me a call on 07774 281222.”

Ian Mackay