breather pipe t5

i have oil coming out of the small pipe which goes from engine to frame ,i assume its to much crank pressure ,any ideas would be welcome .Pipe is fine and connected tight but still oil is bein forced out.many thanks

Have you got a sump ext on the T5 Johnno? I would check the ball valve on the crank they do need replacing every 5-7 yrs mate, they get an awful lot of wear.

However on mine it is that or oil level slightly high. If you are not doing owt you can gis a ring tomorrow and pop over Going to the gym am… then working on the bikes IF it stays like it has today it will be nice day.

Hi ken had my free day today ,with Debs 2morro . No sump ext and oil level is mid way .Im really riding the T5 now i think it must be the valve .I take it that the valve is inside the sump ?

Nope they are situated in the big breather pipe that comes up from the crankcases, not sure of the breather arrangement on the T5,

MY T5 engine has K&N’s fitted and a e Mans breather box BUT it does have the large dia breather pipe from the crankcase the ball breather is in there.

Fairly easy job to replace it I got a new one from Spares GB Motomecca will also have one no doubt

dont think there are any ball valves, mine just has a large pipe from the block to the frame, then a breather from the frame to fresh air, there is 3rd small pipe at the lower end of the frame tube to return condenced oil back to the sump.I replaced all the breather pipes on my t5 and they are just clear rubber hoses, no valves or balls. The engine breaths oily vapour out of the large bore pipe into the center spine of the frame and condences, the condenced oil runs down the spine and back in to the sump via the lower pipe at the base of the main spine.The excess presure and some vapour is comes out of the small frame pipe near the head of the frame. Originaly this connected to the base of the air box to a Y connector, the second part of the Y was a pipe that went nowhere to allow water or excess oil to leak outmake sure you can blow air through all the pipes, block the main large pipe in the frame and blow air from the front small pipe to the rear to blow the muck out . then blow air through the block ( with dip stick out) to clear the return hole.My frame was full of mily oil like majonaise, this was blocking the breather and making mine leakAre you 100% sure the oil is coming from the small return pipe? mine was leaking from the base of the air filter.

The ball check breather is IN the top of the large bore tube from the crank the hose fits over it , well worth fitting one they work, I am aware some bikes use the frame as a “condensor”.

Thanks to you both .My oil is coming out of small pipe(3rd small pipe returning to sump) where it joins the frame and its oil not vapour .My set up is as Iain states ,so will do a full check over .The bike is flying but yet to have a fun day out without something to sort but there cant be much more to sort .many thanks
johnno2012-05-07 15:54:43

Hey it takes time to sort My V1000 took a couple of years to get it well sorted mate BUt it is well worth it the ride is just soooo nice … it takes time to gell with a big older Guzzi

Ken trust me i have gelled ,she handles well good .Had fun the other day when riding at pace and changed down gear to early ,she really dont like that .I was worried by this oil because it crossed my mind about rings and valves but have dismissed this dued to the top speed i have hit and the way she flies out of bends .Im always telling Tim to ride is old lemans at a steady pace because of age of bike but i now understand why he laughs,these old engines were made to be hammered

Oh yeah I was not refferring to you gelling with the bike you do that naturally. Hell as CTR of the Leics Branch you have more experience than most of different Guzzis .

I meant the mechanics of it, It took 2-3 yrs to get the V1000 sorted little things that caused minor problems You tend to find out what does and doesn’t work on big blocks. The K& N filters are a good point they help no end, and you can get Le Mans breathers quite easily too.

The other thing is more open pipes they also assist more than you would imagine. I take it yours has the round carbs? if so the Rita does make a difference also, or the newer electronic boxes.

Took me years to get these things all the while the bike has been brill.

just an update in case anyone as this problem,i did the compressed air and everything seemed fine but still had oil coming out of breather pipe .So checked again and it turned out to be the return housing partly blocked ,i ended up just poking some wire in there ,to clear the mess .
Now the oil returns at the correct rate problem sorted .

well done mate :-)the later frames with internal breathers are much easier to sort than the earlier ones with seperate breater valves or mesh to worry about… see there are some good bits to owning a t5

cheap fix,glad it,s sorted

Good point that though ~ can the breather box oil actually physically return down the drain tube?


They get full of mayonnaise and dirt then dont flow back well

ive ended up with the frame breather pipe going all the way to the battery tray area and added a home made catch tank ,i just love hammering the bike then looking at catch tank and seeing NOTHING .Im so happy,happy,happy

mine vents to air next to the voltage regulator and has never spat anything out yet… unlike the t5 that is still trying to spit me off!