Brembo F05 upgrades

My TT has a single Brembo F05 Caliper (same as v50) and one disk , it is rather under braked even with a brake rebuild and modern hoses, any thoughts on improving the front brake… maybe an alternative caliper

apart from an Anchor from supertanker i’m stumped…

Hmmmm. Is it more like pulling on a piece of wood – not much movement at the lever for not much braking, or does the lever come a fair way back for not much braking? I’d guess that if it is the former then you could try using a calliper that takes more fluid – effectively altering the ratio and improving your mechanical advantage.

leaver feel is nice, not too much movement and nice progressive braking, just the small single caliper does not have enough power. All rebuilt and upgraded to goodrich hoses

You haven’t mentioned pads… What type do you have in? how old? is the disk drilled on your model or solid iron type?

disk is a single solid drillled disk

pads are ferodo but i’m not sure on the type

any opinions on best pads to use?Â