Brembo Floating Caliper

As you probably know, these devices are now to be found on the new Mandello and Stelvio bikes.

My bike now seems to be enjoying reduced rear brake efficacy - I suspect corrosion on the sliding pins, as this is where most brakes of this ilk tend to fall down.

I am trying to find some technical guidance re part numbers, exploded diagrams or servicing information, but so far have got nowhere.

Does anyone have any links, PDFs, pointers or similar?



I would have a look at pins and rubber boot. Coat with red rubber grease. Check the pads are not delaminating. The friction material has a habit of coming away from steel backing plate. Both front and rear did this on my TT85.

Yes, thanks for this, Royston. I was just wondering if there were any traps or tips for the unwary/uninformed regarding access to the pins.

Does the caliper body come away from the carrier easily enough so you can access the sliding pins? Are the rubber boots easily detachable?

I’ve emailed Brembo to see if they can help, but time of year and all that?

I dont know if you have it but I’ve got the 21 Mb maintenance manual on pdf. There’s a section on brake systems from page 281 on including exploded drawings. It may be of use.

Yeah, thanks for this. I found the diagram but there’s not a lot of information re. dismantling the caliper from its carrier.

I will get the bike out of the garage at the weekend and eyeball it and see if I can produce any movement on the pins with thumb power.

Sliding pin callipers will slide apart, the rubbers clip in and can be a pain to install.

To check freedom of movement you can press the moving part of the caliper so that the pistons retract and then you can move the whole caliper on the pins or not!

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