Breva 1100 brake pad change – pad retainer spring?

Changing the rear brake pads on my Breva 1100, I found a small, flat, oblong spring which is there to tension the pads. What’s not so obvious is where exactly it goes and which way up, and whether there should be one or two of them. The workshop manual is no help (doesn’t actually mention them…)

Anyone have any clues and, ideally, a picture?

Is this photo any use?

Thank you - that’s EXACTLY what I need! Just wish my calipers looked as clean as yours :slightly_smiling_face:

Think you’ll find that it clips into the centre ridge it’s to help the pads slide nicely :slight_smile:
WeMoto sell this part under a Yamaha part number

Yep on the centre, with a bit of a push you should feel a click as it moves into place

Thanks, Brian – that’s unbelievably helful! I think I probably would have spent the rest of my life trying to work that out and, even then, not have got it right :slight_smile:

Thanks also for the WeMoto tip – again, a great help!

On the centre does make sense. I spent some time searching for pics / diagram and whatever I found had it at one end. I don’t know where I saw that pic and I haven’t searched for it again (yet). My rear brake is working fine but I suppose I’ll have to take it apart again now! Pity it’s the cold, dark season. :roll_eyes:

Should there be a separate, second part to the retaining spring / anti-rattle spring set-up?

As far as memory serves there isn’t on the rear, you might have to give the caliper a bit of a brush up with a stiff brush before fitting. There’s a couple of small barbs on it that would then face toward the caliper and (hopefully) give a little click when you push it in. Everything felt a little loose at first but once you get it all together it should be ok!

Thanks for reply Tom23456 - you’re probably thinking of the original poster there. I posted the photo, which it seems shows the spring in wrong place. Here is a photo of the second part of the spring that I see now in various ads. The two parts are sold together. I’m pretty sure I didn’t have that flat plate, shown in the lower part of photo. It could have been lost in some previous caliper work by another owner… if all bikes should indeed have it. This pic is from Stein Dense, for the 1100, 1200 Guzzis. It’s a pity the parts daren’t depicted in Guzzi’s parts diagrams, to check on this.

I’ve never had the brass end plate on my calliper - may try and find a source for one.

You need a copy of the Breva 1100 Service Station Manual , It’s a free download . If carn’t find it PM me via FB and i’ll send you a copy . Colin Jump.


found the alternative :-

Yamaha XT 660 Z Tenere 12 Front Caliper Brake Pad Support Spring Parts at Wemoto - The UK’s No.1 On-Line Motorcycle Parts Retailer

Oh yeah sorry!
And yeah like Brian I think my brass plate is missing! Oh well!
Hope you managed to get it together and sorted :slight_smile:

We don’t seem to have certainty that the brass coloured plate is a fitment, although it is in the parts kits. So far none of us have been able to find relevant, specific description, diagram or photo in any Guzzi documents or manual. If it does exist it would be great to have a scan or photo. (Colin Jump mentions the Service Manual but we haven’t seen these parts in the Service Manual. Is there a version that does show the retaining spring parts and set-up?)

I am pretty sure it attaches to the bit in the picture here - opposite end to where the pad retaining pin goes

At last, I found the photo that I referred to, which led me to place the spring at the end of the caliper. It’s on the Guzzitech site. For what it’s worth, which may not be much, here it is.

I will really need to take the calliper off to inspect it but if I remember, I think I was satisfied with this position because it fits the shape of the piston. If the spring is in the centre do the ends of it not foul the pistons?

I’ve just fitted mine to the caliper centre, where it seems to clip in quite conveniently and, so far, the pistons seem to be operating normally.