Breva 1100 clocks

Ok have removed clocks from bike only to discover they are a sealed unit!!

I think i have read somewhere that some folks drill a couple of small holes in them to alleviate condensation problems?

If so does anyone know where and how big etc??


There’s a relevant article on this forum under frequently asked questions, Carc dash misting up. I also added a link to that topic, but for some reason it only goes to the index of the relevant forum, although when there you can search for and find more that is of help. In any case, I think you’ll have trouble replacing the needles if you remove them; so instead, others have made holes in the printed dash plate to reach the screws that need to be undone.

The article in question is under FAQs

Just did exactly what it recommends last week, luckilyI had no need to remove the facias or needles as mine were working fine and it was just done as a preventative measure.

Personally if I was you I’d try the venting part with two cuts as per the instructions and see if drying out helps, before going the whole hog and accessing the circuit board.Eyore2014-05-17 12:03:41

Sack them off and get one of these.

Here on my V11 in demo mod.

That’s nice, far more modern looking, does it just plug in or is there huge difficulties. What is the make and model of it?

It is a TransLogic Micro Dash.

It has it’s own speed sensor that I have mounted on to the rear brake caliper hanger.

You need to tell the unit how many gears the bike has and do a speed and tell it what the speed is in top.
Popped it up on a paddock stand and used the old speedo (runs of the gearbox on the V11) to set the speed and match the TransLogic to it.
From that it works out the gear from the revs.
Revs are picked up off the coil. You need to tell the unit if the bike has a wasted spark.
You need to tell the unit the tank range.
Indicators, high beam, oil and ha ha temperature all need to be wired in. It is a universal unit, so it is a faf.

It can be got from MAG Europe (Motorcycle Accessories Group), Denton, Manchester. They are often advertised in Fast Bikes and alike. The local bike mechanic had fitted one to a customers bike and helped me a lot to be honest, but it is not brain surgery, just time consuming.

Dont be too alarmed & concerned about misting clocks;yes there has been a few right-offs where boards have been destroyed with water tracking & of course when buying new every owner gets them changed in warranty(some more than once). Mine mist up slightly on lower right side in cold damp conditions but soon goes after 15 minutes ride ( no misting in hot weather ). Unfortunately the sealing quality around chrome effect surround & body to clear lens is not good & one big shower of rain & youre back to square one.
The small slits as said are OK ; don`t go overboard with big holes as you may worsen the problem as warm damp air will rise over the oil cooler enter the holes & keep rising until they hit the underneath of the lens cover resulting in more misting.

There is a link some where to tell you how to cut the slots I used a dremmel on mine but do go steady the pc is close to the clock case

I saw a recent Triumph using one of these as a solution: put it over the clocks, if the bike was going to be parked out in the rain.Dunno if it’s any use when riding along…I had the dreaded water in the clocks, after a wet motorway ride and a night in the rain outside the hotel.Eventually, the mist in the clocks disappeared, but then I had the “red triangle” for failed indicator bulb, fuel warning light and high-beam warning light coming on at random until it had all dried out thoroughly.Where’s me shower cap?

I just used a Dremel tool, to put a small hole at the lowest point,

It was easy, clocks come off in about 5 mins,


New to Guzzi’s and this site so please forgive if already discussed.

I bought a 59 reg Norge (2v version) a few months ago but due to other commitments I have only been able to ride the bike 80 homes from the sellers house, all was fine, bike sat on a trickle until next use but when I wanted to use I noticed the dials won’t function, I removed dials and petrol tank to check everything but found nothing wrong so I took to a dealer who told me that dials have suffered water ingress and need replacing at a cost of £733!!

I notice the dials are sealed units but can they be fixed ?

Apart from this love the bike.